W.M., Aged 36, Presenting Condition: Brittle Asthma

“My first treatment with Maddy was over three years ago now, I had been diagnosed with Brittle Asthma by my consultant and had suffered several, potentially life threatening, attacks. I was taking the maximum dose of all medication prescribed including steroids which were making me put on vast amounts of weight. I would struggle into the clinic and have to use my inhaler just to enable me to get onto the treatment couch breathless and exhausted.

I understood from Maddy that there was no “quick fix” for my condition but slowly, after weekly treatment for several months my condition certainly did improve along with my general health and state of mind.

I continue to have “top up” treatments once every six weeks or so to maintain my health; I no longer have to take the vast amounts of medication I was on, I lead an active and “normal” life and just use my inhalers very occasionally. I firmly believe that acupuncture turned my life around at a time when my health was deteriorating dramatically.”

O.N., Aged 38, Presenting Condition: IBS

“I knew my diet wasn’t great and the beer and curries at the weekends always made things a lot worse but this irritable bowel thing was beginning to really bug me, my sister was seeing Maddy for her migraines and persuaded me to go along.

I didn’t like the thought of needles at all and some of them certainly give off a “sensation” as Maddy calls it, but I actually began to enjoy the sessions and the acupuncture certainly settled things down, I felt really calm and relaxed after treatment and the IBS was much improved – Maddy encouraged me to look at my diet and life style which has also helped.

I continue to have “seasonal treatments” once every couple of months to keep things in check.”

S.B., Aged 39, Presenting Condition: Myofascial Pain

“It was my dentist that first encouraged me to try acupuncture; he diagnosed me as suffering from temporomandibular joint pain after having undergone a year of intensive dental work. My face and ears constantly felt as though they were burning, my ears were ringing, sinuses blocked and my neck and jaw never stopped aching thus affecting my sleep.

After six sessions with Maddy I noticed considerable improvement, not only with the facial pain but with my PMT, travel sickness and a bundle of other things that I’d learnt to live with!

Meanwhile my GP had referred me to a specialist who diagnosed myofascial pain, he explained there was no cure and prescribed Amitriptyline; I don’t like taking medication so decided to persevere with the acupuncture, my last treatment was on the 7th January 2006, I don’t know what you did Maddy, it’s a miracle, I’m absolutely pain free! Long may it last! “

E.K., Aged 27, Presenting Condition: Frozen Shoulder

“My GP diagnosed frozen shoulder after a kick boxing incident, I enjoy the sport but it does have it’s down side; a similar injury a couple of years ago responded well to acupuncture so I thought I’d try it again.

Maddy inserted needles into my shoulder and then burnt a herb called moxa on the end of the needle; she also treated areas on my back, wrists and ankles with needles.

After five sessions the pain and mobility of my shoulder were much better, another two sessions completed the job and I’m now confidently back to my kick boxing.”

J.E., Aged 39, Presenting Condition: Infertility

“Maddy supported me through three rounds of failed IVF and then a successful egg donation – can’t begin to express my gratitude. x”

W.L., Aged 20, Presenting Condition: Amenorrhea

“From around 12 years old I became anorexic and my periods stopped. I had lots of counseling and other help and got over the anorexia but my periods didn’t come back. My friend recommended Maddy and she has really helped me get back on track and now my periods have come back too. Acupuncture really helped me. x”

J.R., Presenting Condition: Period Pains

“Maddy has helped me cope with my periods by making them so much more manageable. Every month I would get awful pain in the week building up to my period and then on day one I would sometimes be physically sick with the pain – it made work difficult and holidays really miserable if coinciding with that stage of my cycle. As acupuncture progressed over the first couple of months things just got better and now I just see Maddy once a moth to keep well. x”

C.J., Presenting Condition: Breech Baby

“Hi Maddy, I am taking this opportunity to let you know that the Moxibuston worked. Baby is confirmed cephalic (head down) by scan yesterday and we have had the stitch taken out this morning.

Thank you so much for your important roll in having our baby, and birth we set our hearts on.

I hope to send you a picture once baby is born so you can tell our story to others in need of the treatment. Thanks again, Love & Light”

S.G., Birth Preparation

“My friend suggested I try a few sessions of acupuncture to help me get through the birth of my second child. With my first child, I was in labour for 36 hours and lost a lot of blood. As you can imagine I didn’t want to repeat this, so I did some research and found out that acupuncture, from 36 weeks of pregnancy, can help reduce the length of labour and blood loss.

Another friend highly recommended Maddy and when I approached her, she explained very clearly about the specific treatment and how it helps to get your body in the best state possible to deal with labour.

I’d never had acupuncture before, so I was a bit nervous, however Maddy put me at ease straight away by explaining how it all works, what was going to happen and that it doesn’t hurt. The sessions took place in a very relaxing environment and after each one, I felt more confident and energised.

At around 37 weeks, my baby turned and was showing breech. When I told Maddy, she mentioned a form of acupressure called Moxibustion (which midwives know about) that helps to turn the baby head down.

After 2 sessions, a scan showed the baby in the correct position! The midwife and I were very shocked and i was so pleased that I could have a normal delivery and avoid a c-section. I had Lilly-Ann on my due date. I went into hospital at 9cm dilated and she was born 1 hour later. It was a straight forward delivery with minimal blood loss.

I am very thankful to Maddy for all her advice and guidance prior to the birth and I truly believe my birth experience would’ve been quite different without her help. Thanks Maddy!”

T.G., Presenting Condition: Sinusitis

“I have known Maddy Sharp since last October 2013 and have been using her professional services since for an on-going Sinus issue. Through her vast experience and knowledge, Maddy has treated my Sinus problems and now I see her on a weekly/ fortnightly maintenance plan.

Maddy, through her acupuncture skills has achieved what years of going to the doctors with infection after sinus infection couldn’t do with constant prescriptions of antibiotics. I have also being receiving treatment for seasonal Allergies, and the Hopi ear candles that Maddie uses has helped with dizziness that I suffer from through sinusitis.

I would wholly recommend anybody who has had on going sinus issues and seasonal allergy problem like mine to visit Maddy and get it under control without the need of antibiotics and antihistamines.”

J.P., Aged 55, Presenting Condition: Ear Ache

“I contacted Maddy for Hopi Ear Candling. Having recently returned from holiday, as the plane came into land I suffered excruciating pain in my right ear and the following day felt very deaf and my balance seemed strange; I actually fell over in the garden as I bent down to pick something up. My sister had had a similar problem and found that Hopi Ear Candling sorted it out. After one session with Maddy my balance was restored and my hearing was better, after a second session a week later I was back to normal – marvellous, thank you Maddy.”