W.M. Aged 36. Presenting Condition: Brittle Asthma

“My first treatment with Maddy was over three years ago now, I had been diagnosed with Brittle Asthma by my consultant and had suffered several, potentially life threatening, attacks. I was taking the maximum dose of all medication prescribed including steroids which were making me put on vast amounts of weight. I would struggle into the clinic and have to use my inhaler just to enable me to get onto the treatment couch breathless and exhausted.

I understood from Maddy that there was no “quick fix” for my condition but slowly, after weekly treatment for several months my condition certainly did improve along with my general health and state of mind.

I continue to have “top up” treatments once every six weeks or so to maintain my health; I no longer have to take the vast amounts of medication I was on, I lead an active and “normal” life and just use my inhalers very occasionally. I firmly believe that acupuncture turned my life around at a time when my health was deteriorating dramatically.”

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