S.B. Aged 39. Presenting Condition: Myofascial Pain

“It was my dentist that first encouraged me to try acupuncture; he diagnosed me as suffering from temporomandibular joint pain after having undergone a year of intensive dental work. My face and ears constantly felt as though they were burning, my ears were ringing, sinuses blocked and my neck and jaw never stopped aching thus affecting my sleep.

After six sessions with Maddy I noticed considerable improvement, not only with the facial pain but with my PMT, travel sickness and a bundle of other things that I’d learnt to live with!

Meanwhile my GP had referred me to a specialist who diagnosed myofascial pain, he explained there was no cure and prescribed Amitriptyline; I don’t like taking medication so decided to persevere with the acupuncture, my last treatment was on the 7th January 2006, I don’t know what you did Maddy, it’s a miracle, I’m absolutely pain free! Long may it last! “

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