L.G. Presenting Condition: Infertility

I lived in China for several years, and have seen the benefit of acupuncture for many different issues, especially pain (eg my husband who’s an engineering manager with compressed vertebrae after a snowboarding accident – now cured of the headaches and neck aches he used to have).
Who knows how it works, but ultimately, from what I’ve seen with friends, there’s something in it for sure.
I was recommended acupuncture for fertility by a friend who got pregnant through Zita West’s clinic, and who partially attributed the success to the complementary therapies she’d had. Being 37, I knew time was short, so I referenced Zita’s network of acupuncturists and found Maddy nearby.
Maddy is a lovely lady, a consummate professional, and took time to understand me and my history, especially around the 2 years we’d been trying to get pregnant.
I had about 8 sessions with Maddy, she has a comfortable treatment room and I really felt at ease and enjoyed the sessions. Ultimately, something worked, and the result is here for everyone to see as my bump develops. We changed a few things during this time, but I strongly believe that the treatment with Maddy was helpful, and definitely contributed to a good outcome. Thanks Maddy! (contact details available on request)

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