C.W. Presenting Condition: Back Pain

I have been visiting Maddy for 7 years initially after a back injury for pain relief. After my first consultation it became apparent that she could help me with a number of ongoing health issues such as eczema, asthma and chronic period pains.
Maddy is an amazing acupuncturist who takes time to really understand your problems before treating them. She always asks for feedback on the past session to make sure she is tailoring your treatment accordingly.
I have seen a massive improvement in all of these conditions whilst being treating and I have recommended her to many friends and family who have all been impressed.
She is caring, trustworthy and an ultimate professional who truly believes in the benefits but who will also be honest with you if she doesn’t think she can help.
I still don’t fully know, despite many explanations by Maddy, how acupuncture works but I would recommend it to anyone as I believe it has truly helped me in so many areas of my health and wellbeing. Just be open to the treatment and let Maddy do the rest – she’s amazing.

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