Throughout my seventeen-year career as an acupuncture practitioner, my passion and postgraduate studies focused on women’s health – gynaecology from an Eastern perspective, and especially on the mental and emotional impact. The emotions play a huge part in our physical wellbeing and learning to understand and empathise on a deep level was crucial to helping my clients.

Developing the skills to listen to and understand someone’s emotional state can go beyond words. I felt privileged to be allowed to share the mental and emotional pictures my clients painted for me and for some, I felt I needed to find the tools to help them beyond my needles in the treatment room.

I turned to Life Coaching myself in my 50’s. I was close to “burn out”, coping with menopause, a busy career, ageing parents and growing children.

My Life Coach gave me the permission I needed to slow down, embrace myself and my achievements, to re-evaluate what I wanted in life and develop a plan to get where I wanted to be. This journey was truly transformational for me and now, having studied Life Coaching myself, I combine the knowledge of my years as an acupuncturist with the positive goal setting and solution-finding skills of a Life Coach.

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