I am especially passionate about acupuncture in treating fertility and have been supporting couples through natural conception and IVF for the last thirteen years. I have attended post graduate training with Zita West and Debra Betts – both experts in the field. 

There is a growing body of research evidence which shows that acupuncture may support:

Infertility Management  
Back Pain
Pre and Post Embryo Transfer
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Acupuncture has been used in many Eastern cultures for countless centuries and is a long established component, in particular, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where it is used as a primary source of preventative medicine and treatment to support male and female reproductive health generally.

Personally recommended by Zita West, the acupuncture protocols I incorporate have a Five Element approach which means I am able to create each treatment individually for my patient’s specific needs and then integrate this with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The frequency and number of treatments will depend on the condition, as a general rule treatment will initially be weekly and then spaced out fortnightly and then monthly.

My view here is that it is essential to spend time getting both body and mind as healthy as possible prior to pregnancy.

During assisted fertility/IVF I again follow Zita West’s protocol and recommend treatment prior to the start of the cycle, then two times during simulation, pre and post embryo transfer and again around 7 to 10 days after embryo transfer. 


Once you have happily conceived, I am able to offer you obstetric care in managing those problems commonly associated with pregnancy. As well as helping you past the early weeks, when you may be naturally anxious, I can help you with morning sickness, hyperemesis, nausea, as well as promoting healthy blood flow to the uterus. Acupuncture can also help with the tiredness that often accompanies pregnancies, as well as all the aches and pains that you might experience from backache to pubic symphysis and additionally raised blood pressure and anemia.

Breech Presentation

If your baby is in a breech position and you don’t wish to consider external cephalic version (ECV), your midwife may suggest trying a treatment using moxibustion.  Research has shown that this can be an effective treatment for gently encouraging your baby to position himself in the cephalic position. It is most effective during weeks 32-35, but can be used up to week 37. I offer a half hour appointment where I show you how to carry out the procedure and give you the moxibustion equipment to continue daily at home.

Pre Birth

Weekly acupuncture in the last 5 or 6 weeks of pregnancy can greatly help with preparing for labour. As well as building up your reserves of energy it can help with the release of endorphins to help you manage your labour more comfortably. I also offer a booklet explaining acupressure points that you and your partner can use during labour.

If baby is late I can offer induction acupuncture.


S.G. Birth Preparation

“My friend suggested I try a few sessions of acupuncture to help me get through the birth of my second child. With my first child, I was in labour for 36 hours and lost a lot of blood. As you can imagine I didn’t want to repeat this, so I did some research and found out that acupuncture, from 36 weeks of pregnancy, can help reduce the length of labour and blood loss.

Another friend highly recommended Maddy and when I approached her, she explained very clearly about the specific treatment and how it helps to get your body in the best state possible to deal with labour.

I’d never had acupuncture before, so I was a bit nervous, however Maddy put me at ease straight away by explaining how it all works, what was going to happen and that it doesn’t hurt. The sessions took place in a very relaxing environment and after each one, I felt more confident and energised.

At around 37 weeks, my baby turned and was showing breech. When I told Maddy, she mentioned a form of acupressure called Moxibustion (which midwives know about) that helps to turn the baby head down.

After 2 sessions, a scan showed the baby in the correct position! The midwife and I were very shocked and i was so pleased that I could have a normal delivery and avoid a c-section. I had Lilly-Ann on my due date. I went into hospital at 9cm dilated and she was born 1 hour later. It was a straight forward delivery with minimal blood loss.

I am very thankful to Maddy for all her advice and guidance prior to the birth and I truly believe my birth experience would’ve been quite different without her help. Thanks Maddy!”

C.J. Presenting Condition: Breech Baby

“Hi Maddy, I am taking this opportunity to let you know that the Moxibuston worked. Baby is confirmed cephalic (head down) by scan yesterday and we have had the stitch taken out this morning.

Thank you so much for your important roll in having our baby, and birth we set our hearts on.

I hope to send you a picture once baby is born so you can tell our story to others in need of the treatment. Thanks again, Love & Light”

J.E. Aged 39. Presenting Condition: Infertility

“Maddy supported me through three rounds of failed IVF and then a successful egg donation – can’t begin to express my gratitude. x”

S.M. Presenting Condition: Infertility

Maddy is wonderful. I visited her for fertility acupuncture & I would often enter her treatment room in such an emotional state after one set back or another. Maddy was always so kind, supportive, she always had a plan & a way of putting things into perspective. Without fail, I’d leave feeling so much better than when I arrived. I will never know the actual role acupuncture played in helping me to get pregnant & stay pregnant, but I can absolutely be sure that visiting Maddy & all the emotional support that came with those visits, placed me in an immeasurably better state of mind, which is invaluable. I cannot recommend Maddy highly enough- she was a ray of light in a dark time!

L.G. Presenting Condition: Infertility

I lived in China for several years, and have seen the benefit of acupuncture for many different issues, especially pain (eg my husband who’s an engineering manager with compressed vertebrae after a snowboarding accident – now cured of the headaches and neck aches he used to have).
Who knows how it works, but ultimately, from what I’ve seen with friends, there’s something in it for sure.
I was recommended acupuncture for fertility by a friend who got pregnant through Zita West’s clinic, and who partially attributed the success to the complementary therapies she’d had. Being 37, I knew time was short, so I referenced Zita’s network of acupuncturists and found Maddy nearby.
Maddy is a lovely lady, a consummate professional, and took time to understand me and my history, especially around the 2 years we’d been trying to get pregnant.
I had about 8 sessions with Maddy, she has a comfortable treatment room and I really felt at ease and enjoyed the sessions. Ultimately, something worked, and the result is here for everyone to see as my bump develops. We changed a few things during this time, but I strongly believe that the treatment with Maddy was helpful, and definitely contributed to a good outcome. Thanks Maddy! (contact details available on request)