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"The initial consultation, or first appointment, takes around two hours; during which I take a complete medical history and discuss all aspects of a patient's lifestyle including symptoms, sleep patterns, diet, work, exercise and medication, along with any other issues that may affect the physical or emotional health. During this session the first acupuncture treatment will also take place.


Follow up sessions take around an hour and again we discuss symptoms and any changes that have come about since the previous session, so that I can create and implement the next acupuncture treatment.


Initially treatment may need to be carried out weekly, the aim being to encourage longer lasting affects each session so that eventually a patient may only need to attend monthly or six weekly to maintain good health and vitality."


has been practised for over 3000 years as a system of Medicine to create and maintain health. By understanding and treating the cause of a condition, rather than just the symptoms, acupuncture may give long-lasting relief and a profound feeling of health and vitality.


With Five Element Acupuncture Maddy treats every patient as a unique individual and each acupuncture treatment is tailor made for the patient's own specific needs.


The philosophy behind acupuncture sees unwanted symptoms or illness as evidence of an underlying imbalance; the work of the acupuncture practitioner is to diagnose this underlying cause and treat the patient, using tiny needles in specific acupuncture points, to restore balance. As treatment progresses the symptoms may improve or disappear.

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