"Maddy supported me through three rounds of failed IVF and then a successful egg donation – can't begin to express my gratitude. x"

–Female, Aged 39, Presenting Condition: Infertility

"From around 12 years old I became anorexic and my periods stopped. I had lots of counseling and other help and got over the anorexia but my periods didn't come back. My friend recommended Maddy and she has really helped me get back on track and now my periods have come back too. Acupuncture really helped me. x"

–Female, Aged 20, Presenting Condition: Amenorrhea

"Maddy has helped me cope with my periods by making them so much more manageable. Every month I would get awful pain in the week building up to my period and then on day one I would sometimes be physically sick with the pain – it made work difficult and holidays really miserable if coinciding with that stage of my cycle. As acupuncture progressed over the first couple of months things just got better and now I just see Maddy once a moth to keep well. x"

–Female, Aged 21, Presenting Condition: Period Pains

"Hi Maddy, I am taking this opportunity to let you know that the Moxibuston worked. Baby is confirmed cephalic (head down) by scan yesterday and we have had the stitch taken out this morning.

Thank you so much for your important roll in having our baby, and birth we set our hearts on.

I hope to send you a picture once baby is born so you can tell our story to others in need of the treatment. Thanks again,
Love & Light"

–Female, Presenting Condition: Breech Baby

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