Hopi Ear Candling relieves pain by equalising the pressure in the head and ears thus ideal for pilots, anyone who fly's regularly, divers and anyone who frequently wears an ear piece – telephonists and DJ's.

Each treatment session takes around an hour; firstly we will discuss your condition and I'll ask you to read and sign a consultation form. You will then lie comfortably on your side on my treatment couch whilst I carry out the candling. Most clients find treatment very pleasant and soothing and describe the outcome as a "relaxed feeling" in the ears and head.


"I contacted Maddy for Hopi Ear Candling. Having recently returned from holiday, as the plane came into land I suffered excruciating pain in my right ear and the following day felt very deaf and my balance seemed strange; I actually fell over in the garden as I bent down to pick something up. My sister had had a similar problem and found that Hopi Ear Candling sorted it out. After one session with Maddy my balance was restored and my hearing was better, after a second session a week later I was back to normal - marvelous, thank you Maddy." - FEMALE, AGED 55, PRESENTING CONDITION: EAR ACHE



"I have known Maddy Sharp since last October 2013 and have been using her professional services since for an on-going Sinus issue. Through her vast experience and knowledge, Maddy has treated my Sinus problems and now I see her on a weekly/ fortnightly maintenance plan.

Maddy, through her acupuncture skills has achieved what years of going to the doctors with infection after sinus infection couldn’t do with constant prescriptions of antibiotics. I have also being receiving treatment for seasonal Allergies, and the Hopi ear candles that Maddie uses has helped with dizziness that I suffer from through sinusitis.

I would wholly recommend anybody who has had on going sinus issues and seasonal allergy problem like mine to visit Maddy and get it under control without the need of antibiotics and antihistamines." - FEMALE, PRESENTING CONDITION: SINUSITIS